Dillon And The Pirates Of Xonira

DILLON AND THE PIRATES OF XONIRA is a novel that's a semi-sequel to DILLON AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN BELL that I am so happen has been done in time to be published and available to read   I always think summer goes better with a new Dillon adventure, don't you?  So anyway, now that the book is getting closer to completion I feel I should tell you a little more about it.

While on vacation, Dillon is contacted by the beautiful and seductive Toi Lahayne, an operative of The Braithwaite Group.  They've uncovered information that Dillon's old friend, Lord Murphy C'jai is involved with the renewed pirate activity on Xonira.   Dillon assembles a motley crew of modern day pirates to return to the island kingdom of Xonira and finds that once more that island kingdom is beleaguered by nefarious threats from both within and without.

More details will follow as we get closer to publication but in the meantime here’s some illustrations to get you goin’

This is a drawing that was done years ago by an artist whose name I no longer recall and I apologize to him, wherever he is.  Maybe somebody will see this and recognize his artwork and either let me know his name or contact him and tell him that there's a thieving son of a mollyfogger mooching off his hard work.  Either way is fine with me.

See, there's a friend of mine named Mike Exner III who knows a whole truckload of artists, many from Digital Webbing.  And he asked some of them to participate in a Dillon Draw-Off which is where most of these illustrations you're seeing come from.  Like another story (and no, I'm not telling you which one.  Go look around the blog to find out what I'm talkin' about, ya lazy git) PIRATES OF XONIRA was inspired by one simple drawing and yes, this scene does appear in the story. 

This is Allie Pierri and her son Shon.  They're a French mother-and-son team of mercenaries.  Allie's a descendant of a King's Musketeer and her family has faithfully served France for generations.  Allie's teaching her son the business.  She won't let him shoot anybody until he's eighteen which he thinks is a drag but he does get to beat up on people with his nunchuks.

They play a small role in DILLON AND THE ESCAPE FROM TOSEGIO but are major supporting characters in PIRATES OF XONIRA as they're part of Dillon's network.  He has a loose assemblage of specialists/experts/mercenaries of various talents, skills and abilities that he calls on for aid/backup.   Whatever kind of job he's on determines who he picks.