Thursday, January 31, 2013

Casting Call #20

I can hardly believe we've done 20 of these things and I haven't yet done a Casting Call for the two most important people in Dillon's life: his parents.

So far the information we have on them is incomplete. We do know that his mother Pamela was an accomplished martial artist having been trained herself by the same Warmasters of Liguria who trained Dillon. How she found her way to Shamballah in the first place is a story that has yet to be told. As is how she lost her eye. She died while getting Dillon to Shamballah. A death that Dillon himself witnessed.

Dillon has himself described his father as a genius. So far all we know of him is that his name is Bancroft and apparently he was the leader of an isolated community called Usimi Dero that blended advanced technology and art. Usimi Dero was destroyed by a being known as Thahali, She Who Wears The Dress of Seven Sufferings. Presumably Bancroft died in the destruction of Usimi Dero, sacrificing himself so as to give his wife and son time to get away.  Exactly who or what Thahali is, Dillon has yet to discover. So who do I see as playing Dillon's parents? Do you really have to ask?

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