Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Casting Call #11: Colonel Alvin Thompson

Colonel Thompson is the ramrod of the British Intelligence Tactical Elite or B.I.T.E. as they prefer to be called.  They spend a good amount of time in VOICE OF ODIN hunting down Dillon and they assault Dr. Numby's castle fortress to do so.  Who's the face I see for this character?

Why Paul Bettany?  I don't think he gets enough action roles.  As Colonel Thompson he'd see more than his share.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's My Birthday...

..but you guys are the ones who get the present. For one day only, February 8th, you can get an original Dillon adventure for free.  That's right, I said free and I meant free.  The background behind DILLON AND THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS can be found here and it'll explain why you're getting a Christmas story in February.

Or you could just skip all that yakkity yak and bounce on over to Smashwords and  download the story for your Kindle, your Nook, your computer, your whatever. 

I did mention it was free, right?