Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coming Attractions #7: DILLON 2013

It’s good to talk to friends. Especially when you’re a writer. But it’s even better when you can talk to a friend who is a writer and who also has a practical business sense such as my long-time buddy Josh Reynolds. Along with Joel Jenkins he’s one of those long-distance Internet friendships I have that are now into the double digits that involve a lot of trust and closeness but I have never actually met the man.

It’s Josh who gives me a lot of practical ideas for marketing my writing and it was him who gently reminded me that Dillon’s 10th Anniversary was coming up and shouldn’t I be thinking about doing something special to mark that occasion?
I casually went through the rest of our Skype conversation seemingly not thinking much at all about what he had said but once it was over, I ripped off my headset and dashed to my bookcase for a copy of DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN and looked at when it was first published. And swelp me if he wasn’t right. 2013 will make 10 years since the book was published.

I can’t be too mad at the guy, though. Because he made me sit down and think about where I should be going with this character who I’ve been writing about for 10 years and who I’ve been most closely associated with. And there were a couple of other things as well. Including Email conversations with Charles Saunders and Mat Nastos who have both become two of Dillon’s biggest fans and both of them have consistently encouraged me to seek an audience outside of the one I’ve been pursuing.

And then there was That Conversation that I have come to be grateful for having because it was That Conversation that gave me the kick in the ass needed to get me to stop trying to sell a Lamborghini to stew-on-the-table-mule-in-the-stable-just-plain-folks who were perfectly happy with their Ford Pintos.
So what does all this mean exactly for Dillon in 2013? Son, I’m glad you asked. 

Step up on over here while I elaborate:

A completely new website/blog with a brand spanking new Dillon logo.

I’m currently in the process of finding an artist to commission five brand new covers for all the Dillon books. It’s been brought to my attention that the main problem with marketing the Dillon series to a wider audience is that nobody can tell the books are part of a series. The new logo and standardized cover design/art is to remedy that.  So if you’re an artist or knows one who is willing to talk turkey about a five cover commission and isn’t going to waste my time, you know how to find me.

This is all going to start with the 10th Anniversary edition of DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN which will be completely rewritten including the short story prequel “Dillon and The Escape From Tosegio” into the novel as well as as an extra story featuring for the first time in a solo adventure of his own, Dillon’s favorite partner (and yours) Elias Patrick Creed.

And speaking of “Dillon And The Escape From Tosegio” that little seen 10-page comic book story written by Russ Anderson, penciled by Alex Kosakowski based on the original short story by moi will be resurrected in the pages of the second issue of Airship 27 Presents All-Star Pulp Comics

Every year there will be a new edition of the existing Dillon novels reissued with a new cover and a bonus solo story featuring one of Dillon’s redoubtable Sidekicks. Remember the poll I had up for about a month asking who your favorite Dillon Sidekick was? Well, that was what it was for. I want to write about the Sidekick you’re most interested in reading about. The poll will be back up, don’t worry. I took it down temporarily for reasons totally unrelated to what we're talking about here. You’ll have plenty of time to get your vote in. This is a journey, not a destination as Kwai Chang Caine loved to say.

Once we’ve done the new editions, new Dillon novels will resume but you’ll have plenty of new adventures until then because The Plan is to have three new Dillon ebooks during the year. Your Dillon fix will be well taken care of, I assure you.
Expect the Dillon merchandising you’ve been asking for; hats, mugs, T-shirts, beach towels, mousepads, flak jackets, customized attack choppers….okay, I’m just kidding about the mousepads.

Not enough for you? Okay, how about this to finish up: a Dillon wiki and a Dillon audiobook. And they are happening. But the details will have to wait for another Coming Attractions.

“So why all this now?” you are no doubt asking. Just like most things in life, it wasn’t time for it to happen until now. A confluence of events had to occur to direct my focus where it should be. And I needed the experience to know where to go to get the help I need with all this and how to co-ordinate this. So it’s time. And for those of who who have been with me so far, your support will not go unrewarded. And for those of you who haven’t yet experienced Dillon yet, 2013 is the year to find out what he’s all about.

Finally, to finish this up on a musical note. My good friend and #1 Dillon fan Russ Anderson shared this video earlier today and quite naturally because he and I pretty much think alike when it comes to My Boy we agreed that this would make a pretty nifty theme song for a Dillon movie.

“Ah, it’s nice to dream,” you say with a oh-so-worldy smile and waggle of the sophisticated head that knows How The World Truly Works.

But y’know what? I agree with you. Because a dream is exactly where it all begins. Enjoy the video and we’ll talk again soon.


  1. Awesome to hear! New Dillon is never a bad thing. Can't wait to see what you've got in the works.


    1. It's going to be an exciting new year for the character, that's for sure. And again, thank you so much for your input and suggestions.

    2. I'm a big fan of your work, so it was very easy to get excited about it. Now hurry up and write some more stories so I have something to read!

  2. Bring it on, Brother. You've got me so wound for sound!!