Friday, October 26, 2012

Casting Call #18: Ciryna

In DILLON AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN BELL, Ciryna is one of the most persistent thorns in our hero's side and one of the most dangerous enemies he's ever faced. Her beauty hides an unholy bloodlust and desire for death she is more than capable of indulging thanks to her ability to shapeshift. A product of illegal genetic experimentation, Ciryna is able to morph into a variety of lethal forms, each one more fearsome than the last. Who do I think would be a good choice for this role?

Why Ali Larter? She impressed me during her time on the TV show "Heroes" with her ability to be sexy and cold-blooded all at the same time which is Ciryna to a T. And as she showed in "Heroes" and in the "Resident Evil" movies, she's more than capable of handling the physicality the role would demand.

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