Sunday, September 30, 2012

Casting Call #17: Dagna Summers

Dagna Summers is an Executive Operative working directly under the orders of Ompuri Winwood. She's a valuable member of his staff having been personally trained by him, making her as dangerous as she is beautiful. She's assigned to help Dillon in his quest to recover The Golden Bell of Malacar. And since the two of them have very different ideas of how to accomplish that task, it makes for some wonderful friction between them.

So who do I think would be a good fit for the role? This chick right here:

Why Pink? I have absolutely no idea if she can act at all. But right from the first sentence I wrote with Dagna, I was seeing Pink's face and hearing the words in her voice.

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  1. Love her. Love this idea. I'll call her right now.