Saturday, August 18, 2012

And Now, The Soft Sell...

DILLON AND THE PIRATES OF XONIRA is almost about to drop so there's still time for you to catch up on his previous adventures before diving into his newest one and here's how you do it:

DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN is available in paperback from or you can read it for free right here. If you'd like a free ebook for your Kindle or your Nook you can get it from Smashwords

DILLON AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN BELL is available in paperback from and the ebook is available from Smashwords for just $0.99!  That's right! The price has been lowered to a mind-boggling $0.99 just because.  Don't ask. Just buy.

FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON is available in both paperback and Kindle edition from

And for this weekend only, if you send me proof of purchase of any Dillon adventure to I'll send you a PDF of "Dillon and The Night Before Christmas" which was my Birthday Giveaway story this past February. Here's another chance for you to get your hands on it as it won't be available again until December. That's it. Go on, get outta here. You got a lot of reading to do.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coming Attractions #5

We're down to it now, folks. Everything that has needed to be done has been done and soon you will be able to get your hands on DILLON AND THE PIRATES OF XONIRA. But until then, get your motors running by taking a look at the wonderful cover provided by Sean E. Ali. Like all the various covers for the Dillon books, it does an excellent job of conveying the spirit of reckless adventure that I think has become the trademark of the character. Enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Casting Call #15: Lenny Crawford

And with this installment of Casting Call we begin our imaginary casting for the equally imaginary movie version of DILLON AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN BELL. We've already done Casting Calls for principal characters such as Dillon, Eli Creed and John Velvet so we'll just jump right in with the casting of Lenny Crawford.

He's a smooth-talking gangster who interrupts Dillon's vacation on Star Island (is it me or does a lot of Dillon's vacations get interrupted?) when he gets word that Dillon may be on a job that will net him a big payday. And since Dillon owes him seven million dollars, Lenny is naturally interested in seeing if he can get his money back.

So who do I see as playing Lenny?

I've been a major fan of Colm Meany since his Star Trek days.  First on "The Next Generation" and then on "Deep Space Nine" And as he's proven in numerous movies and on the AMC western series "Hell On Wheels" he's exceptionally adroit at playing bad guys when he has to. Especially bad guys who are equal parts businessmen and ruthless cutthroats. Which describes Lenny Crawford perfectly.