Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Hero and The Other Folks of Some Place

If you've been following me on Facebook (and if not I'd certainly like to know why) then the past couple of days you've seen a pair of concept covers for DILLON AND THE PIRATES OF XONIRA designed and crafted by none other than Sean E. Ali.  If you've been reading the excellent books being produced by Pro Se Press then you're familiar with Sean's amazing work on some of their latest and most popular titles.  I couldn't be happier that he agreed to do the cover for this latest chapter of Dillon's adventures and just in case you missed those covers:

Stay tuned for more developments as they happen!


  1. Frankly, I think you should write a book called 'This Guy and the People from Over There'.

    In fact...I dare you.

  2. I said the same thing to Sean yesterday: that I should write a book/story called "This Guy and The People From Over There" It's just too good a title not to use.