Sunday, July 1, 2012

Coming Attractions #3

July already?  Would somebody tell me where the time goes?  Before you know it it’s going to be time to put up the Christmas tree again.  But it’s probably because I’ve been so busy with not only personal stuff but various writing projects as well that I haven’t noticed the passing of the year.  Which is fine with me as I’d rather be busy, anyway.  I never can understand folks who sit around whining that they’re bored.  Especially not in the times we live in now.  There is simply too much to do, read, watch and listen to that to me, boredom is an impossibility. As my grandfather used to say, “People who complain about being bored are usually boring people.”

But you didn’t come here for the wit and wisdom of my granddad.  You came to hear what’s going on with Dillon and so, here we go…

DILLON AND THE PIRATES OF XONIRA is finished, complete, done and kicked outta the house into the hands of my trusted beta readers/editors who are ripping it apart unmercifully before greenlighting it for public consumption. Initial reactions have been good so I think you’re in for a really good time with this one.  The cover is being worked on now by the man who is probably the most sought after cover designer/artist in the New Pulp field today.  Since he hasn’t given me leave yet, I’m not going to mention who it is but I don’t think you’ll have much of a problem guessing.

So now that PIRATES OF XONIRA is done, that means that THE VRIL AGENDA goes to the top of the pile and I can’t wait to get back into this.  The full background on this can be found here but the thumbnail is this: THE VRIL AGENDA is going to be an epic team-up of Dillon and that classic pulp hero Jim Anthony, Super-Detective.  I’m co-writing the book with Josh Reynolds who has done his half of the book already so all I’ve got to do is my half and we’re good to go.  This is going to be a joint Airship 27/Pulpwork Press production and I see no reason why this shouldn’t be available later on this year.  I just may throw up one of my chapters of this book next time around just to get your juices pumping and because I delight in being a tease.

And so that will be it for any more Dillon novels until 2014 and DILLON AND THE DEVIL’S AGENDA.  Based on a plot by Josh Reynolds it will guest-star the 21st Century Fortune McCall and The Pulptress.  There’s going to be no Dillon novels is 2013 because that year is devoted to my finally completing The Diamondback Trilogy and you should be checking out Blood & Ink regularly to keep up with what’s going on with that.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be getting your Dillon on until then.  “Dillon And The Last Rail To Khusra” is a tale I’ve been fiddling with on and off (more off than on, I admit) and currently clocks in at 30,756 words, which is roughly 15,000 more words than I’d planned.  But that’s what happens when you’re having fun. There’s a nice little story behind this story but we won’t get into that now as I need to save something for later posts when I’m stuck for a subject to write about.  But this story is a direct prequel to “Dead Beat In Khusra” which will see Dillon once again teaming up with his best frenemy, Sly Gantlet of The Gantlet Brothers.  For more information and Sly and his brothers, you need to bounce on over to visit the blog of my good friend Joel Jenkins
When those stories are finished they’ll most likely be available as Ebooks before finding their way into another Dillon anthology I’ve already got a title for, thanks to Thomas Deja:  MORE BULLETS FOR DILLON.

But before that, "Dillon And The Last Rail To Khusra" just might be appearing in serialized format rotating between the blogs of myself, Joel and Josh.  More on that later. 

And as far as I know, there is going to be another Pulpwork Press Christmas Special in December so for those of you who didn’t get “Dillon and The Night Before Christmas” back in February, you’ll be able to read it then.

I guess that’s it for now.  As always, thank you for stopping by and feel free to come back anytime.  And remember to stay away from the dancing horse.

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