Sunday, July 8, 2012

Casting Call #13: The Gynt Brothers

Donovan and Paul Gynt show up in DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN later on in the story when the action moves to South America. They're the sons of Leopold Gynt, creator of the deadly Voice of Odin that is terrorizing the world and Dillon tracks them down, thinking that they must know the whereabouts of the device and of their father. At the same time, they're tracking Dillon along with Chew Mi.

So who do I think would be good at playing this pair?

Now before you jump up and own squawking that they don't look anything alike and couldn't pass for brothers, allow me to point out that in the book itself a couple of characters themselves observe that the Gynt brothers don't look like they're related.

Why Sacha Baron Cohen? Just because he's such a mystery to me as an actor.  When he's writing, directing and starring in his own movies he's horrendously bad.  But when he's in a movie directed by others such as Tim Burton and Martin Scorsese he's so good it's scary.

Why Woody Harrelson? Because he's Woody Harrelson. No more reason is required.

And even though the Gynt Brothers are dangerous men committed to killing Dillon, there are some comedic elements to them and I think both of these fine actors would have no problems conveying menace while being slyly humorous at the same time.

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