Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's My Birthday...

..but you guys are the ones who get the present. For one day only, February 8th, you can get an original Dillon adventure for free.  That's right, I said free and I meant free.  The background behind DILLON AND THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS can be found here and it'll explain why you're getting a Christmas story in February.

Or you could just skip all that yakkity yak and bounce on over to Smashwords and  download the story for your Kindle, your Nook, your computer, your whatever. 

I did mention it was free, right?


  1. You are painting some good imagery with your words, Derrick... nice.

    1. I try my best, Winston. Luckily for me others think so as well.

  2. Howdy, Derrick,

    Got to tell you that I admire your enthusiasm for the pulps and your commitment to your character, Dillon. Say, has anyone told you that the image of Dillon from VOICE OF ODIN STRONGLY resembles the face of actor Phil Morris, son of the illustrious Greg Morris, of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE fame? Just curious.

    Say, good luck on Dillon. I wish you much success, and I'm looking forward to reading some of his adventures! I hope, too, that you'll check out my latest Secret Agent X novel, MASTER OF MADNESS, due out in a few weeks from Matt Moring's Altus Press. Yes, I'm the new (really the old!) Brant House, all the way back to the late 1990s. And I also hope that you'll check out my upcoming Agent X novel, THE RESURRECTION RING. I'll be mounting a blurb about it soon, on Altus' website.

    Best wishes and take care,
    Steve Payne

    1. Although you're the first to put a name to that image, Steve, now I know why that imagine always struck me as vaguely familiar. It was created long ago, back when VOICE OF ODIN was first published in 2003 (Wow) by Trevor Carrington. I have no idea if he actually based the image on Phil Morris or not.

      Good luck with the Secret Agent X novel! I'll definitely put that on my Must Read List.