Monday, September 26, 2011


A lost city in the Cambodian jungles run by a pint-sized tyrant wearing a gem-encrusted belt buckle. Beautiful women who lure Dillon and his rival, rock musician Sly Gantlet, into a clash of alpha males and a deadly set-up.  A beautiful queen and a backstabbing friend.  A quest for an evil artifact linked to the betrayer of Christ. FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON includes four hard to find and never before seen stories ripped from the life of global adventurer Dillon!  Ordering information can be found at or Pulpwork Press

And remember that with proof of purchase of FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON you'll also get the 10 page illustrated "Dillon And The Escape From Tosegio"  Details can be found here.

In addition, for more information on the stories please feel free to click on the links provided below:

And Now, Behind The Scenes: "Dillon and The Bad Ass Belt Buckle"
And Now, Behind The Scenes: "Dead Beat In La Esca"
And Now, Behind The Scenes: "Dillon and The Judas Chalice"

Finally, just in case you think I'm a bit biased (and I am) why not bounce on over to the Reviews and check out what others have to say about Dillon.  You'll be glad you did.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Casting Call #7: Gregory Tipp

A powerful and influential administrator in Her Majesty's Secret Service, Tipp spends a great deal of time in DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN chasing Dillon all over the English countryside, always just one step behind his elusive quarry.  My pick for the dogged Mr. Tipp:

Why Ben Cross?  He always seems to play characters with determination and no sense of humor whatsoever.  Qualities Gregory Tipp possesses in abundance.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pulp Magnet Attracts DILLON!

Garrison James has written a comprehensive overview of Dillon's origins in his "Pulp Magnet" column over at NEW PULP.  Check it out.