Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coming Attractions #1

So now that Four Bullets For Dillon is done and hopefully sitting somewhere on your bookshelf, what can you expect from my boy in the coming year?

I’m glad you asked.  From time to time I’ll be providing these Coming Attractions to let you know how far along to completion the various Dillon projects I have in mind are.  A large part of me telling you about these projects is the hope that if you haven’t heard anything about any of them for awhile, you’ll huck a brick my way to remind me.  So let’s see what we’ve got on deck:

Dillon and The Pirates of Xonira: currently we’re at roughly 48,000 words on this one.  48,357 to be exact.  This makes it the closest to completion. The background info can be found here.  This one I intend to have finished before the end of the year and ready for publication in Spring of 2012.

The Vril Agenda: This is a project that is so special it deserves its own entry, which you’ll see soon.  If you listened to my two-part interview on the PULPED! Podcast then you know the background.  But just in case you didn't, here's the short version: Josh Reynolds and I are collaborating on an epic adventure featuring Dillon and Jim Anthony.  Half of the novel takes place in 1937 where Jim Anthony confronts a world-threatening plot that can only be conquered years later when a long-retired Jim Anthony teams up with a young and inexperienced would-be adventurer named Dillon!  Josh has done his half of the book; 30,000 words and now all I have to do is my 30,000 and it’ll be done.  This is a joint Airship 27/Pulpwork Press project that will hopefully be published in 2012.

Dillon and The Last Rail to Khusra: This is a story that was intended for “For Bullets For Dillon” but gradually grew longer and longer and I decided to just let it go as long as it needed to be.  Right now it stands at 20,390 words.  It’s about Dillon’s efforts to rescue a ten year old princess from a North African country being torn apart by civil war.  He has to take her by train to Khusra, a country that figures significantly in my Fortune McCall stories.

Dead Beat In Khusra: For those of you who read and enjoyed “Dead Beat In La Esca” this is the one for you as it reunites best frenemies Dillon and Sly Gantlet in a story that is a direct sequel to “Dillon and The Last Rail to Khusra” and Dillon once again encounters Princess Sathyra from “Dillon and the Escape From Tosegio”.  How she ties in with a biological superweapon and the desperate hunt for a lost Nazi base in the North African desert…well, that’s going to take a lot of wordage to tell.  This and “Last Rail” will most likely be two of the stories in a second Dillon anthology.  You want to write a story for it, let me know.

Dillon and The Devil’s Bounty: This one I’m not going to go into detail yet other than to say that it’s based on a plot by Josh Reynolds and guest-stars The Pulptress

Any questions?

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading all of this. Of course, I'm especially looking forward to seeing Sly Gantlet and Dillon bickering their way through the North African desert...and killing Nazis!