Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Casting Call #9: Chew Mi

Chew Mi is the deadly right-hand of mad scientist Dr. Numby.  She oversees the security of his castle fortress with a cadre of professional soldiers and cyborgs at her beck and call.  She also loves to dress up in garish military uniforms, prompting Dillon to remark that she look like a "G.I. Joe" character.  Who do I see as Chew Mi?

I've liked  Maggie Q ever since I saw her in "Live Free or Die Hard" and she impressed me so much that I think she should have been the main bad guy in that movie.

However, my good friend Perry Constantine says that he always visualizes Ziyi Zhang when he reads DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN and I can see why:

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  1. Not only looks, but personality. She played a hothead like Chew Mi in Rush Hour 2 and Crouching Tiger.

    And that picture...let's just say looks don't hurt.