Sunday, August 21, 2011

Casting Call #5: Frederick Whalen

Frederick Whalen aka 'The Whale' is Lady Thelma's trusted bodyguard.  Abandoned by his parents, even as a boy he possessed freakish strength.  Lady Thelma took the boy with her to London and saw to it that he was educated in the finest schools and taught a wide range of martial arts.  A formidable combination of brains and brawn, Frederick Whalen earns a place as one of Dillon's most dangerous enemies.  And the guy I see playing The Whale is a no-brainer:

At 6' 9" and 300 pounds, Tyler Mane most certainly has the physical qualifications for the part.  And as he's proven in movies such as X-MEN, the two Rob Zombie directed HALLOWEEN movies and TROY he can certainly project an imposing menace on screen.

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