Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Casting Call #6: John Velvet

John Velvet is the Director of the American Intelligence Machine aka A.I.M. or The Machine. As such, his position is one of tremendous power and influence. It's also a position that puts him in opposition with Dillon whenever they run into each other as they often do.  My pick for the guy:

Why Ray Stevenson? I just like the guy. And I don't think he gets enough roles where he gets to wear cool tailored suits.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Casting Call #5: Frederick Whalen

Frederick Whalen aka 'The Whale' is Lady Thelma's trusted bodyguard.  Abandoned by his parents, even as a boy he possessed freakish strength.  Lady Thelma took the boy with her to London and saw to it that he was educated in the finest schools and taught a wide range of martial arts.  A formidable combination of brains and brawn, Frederick Whalen earns a place as one of Dillon's most dangerous enemies.  And the guy I see playing The Whale is a no-brainer:

At 6' 9" and 300 pounds, Tyler Mane most certainly has the physical qualifications for the part.  And as he's proven in movies such as X-MEN, the two Rob Zombie directed HALLOWEEN movies and TROY he can certainly project an imposing menace on screen.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I hope you’ve been saving up your milk money for next month because that’s when FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON will at last be available from Pulpwork Press.  The exact date will be announced soon.  But in the meantime, here’s something for you to look forward to.  A little something to sweeten the deal, so to speak.

First, some history: back in 2005, those of us who were writing for FRONTIER got the bright idea to produce a comic book: FRONTIER PUBLISHING PRESENTS.  And after a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, the first and only issue was published.  And in that comic book were some fine stories produced by;

Trevor Carrington
Shelton Bryant
Mike McGee
Tamas Jakab
Michael Exner III

Gentlemen all!

FRONTIER PUBLISHING PRESENTS #1 also had as the lead story a 10 page story scripted by Russ Anderson, based on a story written by Yours Truly and masterfully illustrated by Alex Kosakowski; “Dillon and The Escape From Tosegio”  The original prose story is included in FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON.

But I wanted to give folks a chance to read the comic book story as there’s no way to buy a copy now.  I’ve got about a dozen issues of FRONTIER PUBLISHING PRESENTS and quite honestly, I don’t want to part with them.  But occasionally I do get emails from Dillon fans who want to read the story and I don’t blame ‘em.  It’s a good one.  Russ and Alex did a helluva job.

So here’s what I did: I scanned the 10 page story and here’s my offer plain and simple: you buy a copy of FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON and email me proof of purchase ( and in return, I send you the illustrated “Dillon and The Escape From Tosegio.”  Sounds fair to you?

And naturally I expect that you want a look at what you’re going to be getting so here’s a preview: the first two pages of “Dillon and The Escape From Tosegio”

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Casting Call #4: Kris Quinlan

She starts out as Lady Thelma's trusted personal assistant but quickly gets caught up in the whirlwind of action at Dillon's side as he avoids the hired assassins of her boss.  She's an unwilling ally for most of the story until her eyes are finally opened as to the hideous danger of The Voice of Odin.  She's Kris Quinlan and here's who I think would be a good choice for the role:


Why Malin Akerman?  Because I think she's a far better actress than she gets credit for.  And judging from "Watchmen" she's not afraid of throwing herself into the physical stuff.

Casting Call #3: Lady Thelma Sharpe

She's the one who sets off the events of DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN in a lot of ways.  And she continues to stir the soup by actively participating in the hunt for Dillon through a good part of the book as well as making a last ditch attempt to kill him after everybody has long forgotten about her and think the adventure is over.  Who do I see as Lady Thelma?

Why Carol Burnett?  Even though she's deadly serious in her efforts to kill Dillon, there's a lot of comedic elements to her, fueled by her Olympian consumption of alcohol.  I've seen Miss Burnett play mean drunks and that's the very definition of Lady Thelma.