Friday, July 29, 2011

Casting Call #1: DILLON

Invariably in discussions on Skype, email or in person, folks will ask me if I ever think there will be a Dillon movie (I can only hope..poppa needs a new pair of EVERYTHING) and I'll be asked who I think should play Dillon and the various characters in the books.  So why not indulge our inner casting directors and play the Casting Call Game?

To start with, way back when Dillon was first showing up in monthly installments in the gone-but-not-forgotten FRONTIER days, my good buddy Russ Anderson made a suggestion for this good lookin' cat to play Dillon in a movie:

Back in the day I was a regular watcher of "NYPD Blue" and when Henry Simmons joined the cast I was impressed with his on-screen presence, his voice, his physicality and I thought he'd make a perfect Dillon:

But here's the guy who a lot of people tell me they see as Dillon:

And recently I've found a new contender for the role. I've been enjoying him immensely in his role as John Diggle, the partner of Oliver Queen/The Vigilante/The Hood on ARROW:

David Ramsey certainly has the physicality and acting chops. Doesn't hurt that he's also an accomplished martial artist with a black belt in jeet kune do and he's studied kickboxing.


  1. Elba is simply one of the coolest actors ever. Ever. So, yeah, it fits.

  2. I like Elba, but I've ALWAYS pictured Taye Diggs in that role. Your NYPD Blue choice would make a perfectly acceptable Plan B, though.

  3. What about Isaiah Mustafa, the current Old Spice spokesman?

  4. My wife agrees with you, Lee. She thinks The Old Spice Guy would be the perfect Dillon.

    She's a major fan of Taye Diggs but she thinks he's too short to play Dillon. She doesn't know who Henry Simmons is but she LOVES Idris Elba and will watch anything he's in.

  5. Stringer Bell, er Idris Elba!