Monday, March 28, 2011

And Now, Behind The Scenes: "Dillon And The Bad Ass Belt Buckle"

With the impending publication of FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON coming soon (How soon?  Real soon.) I thought it might be a good idea to let you know what stories are in the book and a little bit about how and why they came to be written.  So for the next four Mondays you can look forward to these short essays that I hope will be entertaining and informative enough to justify the time you put in reading them.

DILLON AND THE BAD ASS BELT BUCKLE was inspired by a drawing that you can find on the FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON page.  I was both intrigued and amused by the drawing and the more I looked at it, the more intrigued and amused I got.  To the degree that I challenged myself to see if I could write a story where that scene actually took place.  And have it make total sense that Dillon would find himself in such a situation.

It also enabled me to write another adventure with Eli Creed partnered up with Dillon.  His previous appearances were very popular with readers who asked for more stories with the two of them, especially as I made reference to them having worked as a team for a time before Eli decided to retire.  A retirement he cheerfully breaks whenever Dillon needs his assistance. 

I introduced a couple of other characters in this story, the Academy Award winning actress Jenise Casile and the apish Kudro Mayoka.  I wanted Dillon to have a cast of characters I could rotate when needed and who would be his ‘supporting cast’.  Jenise and Kudro will be making a re-appearance in DILLON AND THE ANIMATED SERIES which I plan to write later on this year. 

What else can I tell you about the story?  It was a lot of fun to write.  Not that writing Dillon stories aren’t a lot of fun usually.  But this one didn’t have the fate of the world and the lives of millions in the balance.  It’s just a cool adventure story set in the jungle with what I think is some really nice character moments, especially the ones between Dillon and Kudro Mayoka.  Kudro’s a character who gets under Dillon’s skin and it’s a change to see Dillon in a situation where all the other characters are in charge and know what’s going on and he’s more or less reacting to what they’re doing and not reacting well.

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